The Walking Dead theme cake

Don’t open. Dead inside. Fondant cake. Hands are fondant with painted n airbrushed detail. Brick wall fondant with hand painted n airbrushed detail. Doors fondant with painted an airbrushed details as well. Lock n chain are fondant. 20131014-004315.jpg20131014-004348.jpg20131014-004424.jpg

2 thoughts on “The Walking Dead theme cake

    1. Hi yaneri! Thanks šŸ™‚ here’s some tips…

      It’s a square cake and to make it angled, I added extra bread on top to make almost a pyramid. In the center, I left a gap to make room for the hands. I iced it with buttercream and made sure the gap was even and sharp on the edge/top (if that makes sense lol). The fondant pieces are separates. There are four pieces. Two as the brick walls, one on the top n one bottom. Then the two pieces as doors. I airbrushed the other ends/sides black. šŸ™‚ I hope that helped haha I’m so bad at explaining things but if u have any more ill be happy to answer u šŸ™‚

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